Bright, high ceilinged bakery with fresh baked goods and coffee & sandwiches, plus tea & desserts. This is a place where you can get your favorite baked product at reasonable rates and also the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere; just go up the elevators for a cup of tea at any time and at any place and enjoy the lovely surroundings. The bakery is situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver and offers freshly baked specialty products in a warm & welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for the best bakery in all of Canada then you must visit this bakery & cafe.

Look for ones that won awards

Bakery Cakes

Bakery Cakes has won many awards, including Canadian Bakery of the Year and a Outstanding Restaurant award. Bakery Cakes is known for its tantalizing specialty breads, cupcakes & pies, and desserts that are made from premium ingredients only. You will find amazing specialty breads made with local flour, oats, whole wheat and old-fashioned yeast. You can savor sweet tea, fresh fruit, muffins, fresh fruit cakes, and pastries from this amazing bakery. At bakery cakes you can get many kinds of bakery treats like chocolate chip cookies, banana nut brownies, peanut butter and banana pudding, cinnamon twists, dark chocolate truffles, and fruit tarts.

The Giggles’ American Bakery

The Giggles’ American Bakery is one of the most popular and distinctive American style bakers of local flavor. They offer exotic delights such as banana nut cupcakes, fudge swirl cake, chocolate chip cookies and so much more. Their brownie sundae and ice cream sandwich maker is the best bakery in all of Canada. The specialty treats offered by The Giggles are all created from real ingredients, which provide for a wonderful treat when made at home. Bakery Cakes offers specialties such as glazed banana cupcakes, nutty shortbread and specialty cookies.

Sweet Way Baking Company

Sweet Way Baking Company has been baking good tasting and unique homemade meals since 1986 in Valley View, California. They have a large selection of both sandwiches and cakes, and an assortment of gourmet items. The Cheesecake Factory also makes their own hand-made cheesecakes. The Blue Moon Bakery & Deli offers sandwiches such as the Country Ham with Canadian bacon and ham salad. They also have salads such as the Tomato Caesar, with melted mozzarella cheese and raw tomatoes. Cones are available at The Cheesecake Factory as well as an assortment of cookies and brownies.

Cupcake Divine

Cupcake Divine offers award winning seasonal cupcakes, pastries, and cookies made with fruit and chocolate. They offer several types of cakes such as the original Sugar Frosty, Sugarberry Dream, Banana Twirl, Minty Nut, Chocolate Chip, and decadent Cherry Vanilla. They also offer cupcake accessories such as silver or personalized mugs, plates, and boxes. Cones are available at Cupcake Divine, and they are also known for their signature frosting, Butter Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

Bonjour’s bakery

At Bonjour’s bakery you will find many different types of pastries, including ones with peanut butter and jelly on them. There are specialty items such as a variety of fresh fruit toppings, and they offer French Vanilla, Lemon Zest, and Berry Cream. These specialty pastries are offered throughout the year, and they change depending on which season it is. There are also offerings such as their Christmas Tree Treat, which has a tree made from pastel colors and is covered with sugar paste. They also have white chocolate and dark chocolate bars that are great for after dinner treats.